WI Supplier Connection Launch Luncheon


Wisconsin is a quintessential midwestern state. Its citizens value community, hard work, and innovation.

The Business Council embodies these values by helping its members grow, thrive, and innovate in the state.

As part of this mission, the Business Council helps diverse Wisconsin businesses enter large corporate and organizational supply chains.

To supplement this effort with an innovative online portal, the Business Council partnered with Supplier Connection to form the Wisconsin Supplier Connection.

The partnership was officially launched this month at The Business Council’s 16th Annual Strategic Partnerships Luncheon.

The small and diverse businesses, corporations, and regional stakeholders who attended the luncheon heard from Tim Coates, economic development program manager at IBM Corporate Citizenship.

Coates detailed the many benefits of registering for Supplier Connection and walked attendees through the resources made available to participants.

On behalf of IBM, Coates also accepted an award from Marjorie Rucker (pictured, in the middle, next to Coates), executive director of The Business Council, for Supplier Connection’s efforts to grow small and diverse businesses and create jobs in Wisconsin and across the nation.

Although in its infancy, Wisconsin Supplier Connection already has managed to register three large buying members: Manpower Group, Marquette University, and Froedtert Hospital.

The small and diverse businesses and corporate buyers of Wisconsin can expect more hard work from Wisconsin Supplier Connection in 2017.

Charlotte Johnson is a manager at IBM Corporate Citizenship, where she leads, promotes, and implements IBM’s portfolio of corporate citizenship programs throughout Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. She is a graduate of Skidmore College (B.A.) and Pace University (M.S).