Teaming Opportunities Thanks To Supplier Connection


Small and diverse business owners generally register for Supplier Connection to meet procurement executives from Fortune 500 corporations, mid-market companies, and other large organization buyers.

Savvy entrepreneurs take advantage of all of Supplier Connection’s networking opportunities, however.

Gail Birks, president and CEO of CMA Enterprise Incorporated, which specializes in performance and process improvement solutions, is one of Supplier Connections’ savvy entrepreneurs.

In addition to looking for corporate procurement opportunities, Birks uses Supplier Connection as a tool to network with other small and diverse business owners.

Earlier this year, Birks used Supplier Connection to meet Akhilesh Kandhari, the president of DKMRBH Inc., an IT staffing firm with more than six years of experience servicing Fortune 500 customers.

Perceiving that their firms would make great partners, Birks and Kandhari agreed to look for opportunities to collaborate.

Soon after meeting Kandhari on Supplier Connection, Birks was introduced to Ron Perry, the president of Teya Technologies LLC, at an event.

Recognizing a “synergy,” Birks brought Perry and Teya Technologies into the loop. Soon, the three firms were exploring teaming opportunities together.

It didn’t take long to find one.

The CMA Enterprise/DKMRBH/Teya Technologies team recently was awarded a Master Agreement with the Government Services Group of a large corporation as a Small Business Partner.

According to Birks, the contract will significantly increase her firm’s revenues and it likely will result in all three of the firms making new hires.

And the CMA Enterprise/DKMRBH/Teya Technologies team isn’t done yet.

Birks says she plans to continue looking for teaming opportunities with Kandhari and Perry, whom she describes as “very supportive and responsive.”

Birks also is staying active on Supplier Connection. She’s hopeful the platform will help her find an opportunity for CMA Enterprise to serve in a corporate supply chain on its own.

Like we said: savvy.