4 Supplier Diversity Questions with DuPont


While June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month, Supplier Connection and our corporate and organizational buyers embrace diversity every month.

I recently had the opportunity to pose four supplier diversity questions to Loren Hopkins Taylor, sourcing manager: small business and supplier diversity, at DuPont.

Here is our exchange:


1. Why does DuPont want a diverse supply chain?

A robust supplier diversity program is essential for business.  It bolsters the communities where we work and live, and it is a concrete demonstration of our “Respect for People” Core Value.

Equally importantly, it is desired—even required—by our customers and their customers alike. As well as government reports, we routinely respond to requests for information about our supplier diversity program and spending from our

In addition to benefiting our reputation and the communities that form our ultimate customer base, our small and diverse suppliers can and do provide high-quality services and products. Engaging with small and diverse suppliers often
results in higher levels of collaboration, more agile responses, and more innovative solutions, all of which create significant value for DuPont.

2. Does DuPont have supplier diversity goals?

Absolutely!  In DuPont, like everywhere else, you get what you measure, so having the right objectives to measure is important as it both demonstrates our progress as well as identifies any gaps in our process.

We have suggested supplier diversity goals that individuals in many roles within Sourcing & Logistics (beyond buyers) adopt for their annual objectives. This broad approach resulted in spend with about 30,000 small and diverse suppliers across almost all diversity categories in 2016.

 3. How important is a supplier’s diversity certification?

At DuPont, we definitely appreciate the extra level of effort of becoming certified and that a supplier’s brand includes the pride and rigor it takes to get and remain certified. We also appreciate the assurance that the company is legitimately owned and operated by the diverse individual identified as such.

4. Do firms with diversity certifications get a leg up when you’re considering potential suppliers?

A small or diverse supplier must meet the same qualification requirements we apply to all suppliers regarding their capabilities and ability to deliver. However, we do endeavor to include a diverse slate of suppliers invited to compete for DuPont business, and consider certification to be a differentiator.