Enter Our Supplier Spotlight Contest


Ready for the curtain to rise and your small or diverse business to take center stage?

Enter our Supplier Spotlight contest!

Each month, a small or diverse business will be selected as the Featured Supplier.

And the Featured Supplier is showered in Supplier Connection attention.

Featured Supplier recognition

The Featured Supplier is awarded with an unmissable profile on the front page of the Supplier Connection website.

The Featured Supplier profile also is prominently displayed on the personalized Dashboard of every buyer and supplier on Supplier Connection.

Additionally, the selected firm and its small or diverse business owner are profiled on the Supplier Connection blog. (You can see previous Featured Supplier profiles here and here.)

The Featured Supplier also is trumpeted on all of the Supplier Connection social media channels.

Finally, the Featured Supplier is provided with an opportunity to introduce his/her company to all of the Supplier Connection buyers on the monthly buyer call. This is an invaluable opportunity to pitch a small or diverse firm to an audience of dozens of procurement executives from the leading corporate and organizational buyers in the United States.


To be eligible, a small or diverse business must be registered on Supplier Connection and its profile must be 100 percent complete.

Firms with incomplete profiles will not be considered.

How to enter and win

To enter, suppliers must tender their submissions to: info@supplier-connection.net.

We especially would like to hear from small or diverse business owners who successfully used Supplier Connection to enter a corporate or large organization supply chain.

Additionally, entries typically will focus on a pre-set theme that will be announced on the blog each month.

Since August is Black Business Month, we would like to highlight a black-owned business.

The firm can be of any size but must be certified as a minority-owned business.

A Supplier Connection committee will evaluate submissions and select a winner.

Get the name of your small or diverse business up in lights! Enter today.