Why Should You Attend the Growth Summit? Ask a Buyer



Excitement is building for the inaugural Supplier Connection Growth Summit.

More than a hundred small and diverse suppliers from Connecticut and the New York City metropolitan area already have registered and more are doing so every day.

The Supplier Connection Growth Summit will feature a panel of corporate procurement executives, a trade show, a special matchmaking session, a series of concurrent workshops, and a luncheon with a special keynote speaker. All for free.

It’s going to be a unique and full morning of events at the Marriott Hotel & Spa in Stamford, Connecticut.

Equally impressive is the lineup of corporate and organization buyers who are participating in the event. They’re a who’s who of preeminent corporations and organizations in the United States.

Why are a dozen of the country’s leading corporations participating in the Growth Summit?

We’ll let one of them explain.

Why is your company participating in the Supplier Connection Growth Summit?

Loren Taylor, sourcing manager for supplier diversity at DuPont:

“DuPont has had a supplier diversity program for almost 45 years, so you know we’re committed to the concept of supplier diversity and we were attracted to the Supplier Connection Growth Summit because of its scale and local orientation.

“Since space at the Growth Summit is limited, we know we’ll be able to develop a deeper, richer engagement with the suppliers than we can at events with 5000 attendees.

“And since there are few buyers too, we know the suppliers will be better prepared to talk to us, specifically. They’re going to have done their homework on the ten or twelve buyers present and should be able to tailor their pitches to us.

“The NY & CT Growth Summit also is appealing because it’s local. DuPont has sites all over America, so an event that allows us to meet with local suppliers is very welcome. To that end, we’ll be looking to speak with suppliers who can deliver the goods and services we would like to source locally.

“DuPont is looking forward to participating in the Growth Summit and matchmaking session and is honored that IBM included us.”

Since DuPont recognizes the appeal of the Supplier Connection, we hope you do too.

Registration for the Supplier Connection Growth Summit closes on FRIDAY, May 5, at 5 pm ET.

Space is limited and preregistration is required.

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